Adjust Your Core Interpersonal Stories

In the last post, I talked about the importance of knowing yourself and your blind spots that Emotional Predators target. Once you’ve identified your core interpersonal stories and beliefs, the next crucial step in protecting yourself from toxic people is to adjust them to inoculate yourself. Being flexible about your core interpersonal stories and beliefs…

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Know Yourself and Your Self-victimizing Beliefs

Before you can accurately assess other people, you must know yourself and the blind spots you don’t realize you have. They’re called blind spots because you don’t see them – and we all have them. Your blind spots prevent you from seeing Emotional Predators clearly and, just as important, from knowing things about yourself that…

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Accurately assess others

Accurately Assess Others

Once we accept that some people – the Emotional Predators among us – are entirely different from us in core respects, we need to learn how to accurately assess other people. Emotional Predators make their way in life by covering up their true selfish nature, so learn to distinguish between the false facades of goodness…

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human nature

Be Realistic About Human Nature

As I explain in Part 1 of Protecting Yourself from Emotional Predators what we call human nature isn’t one set of identical traits in all people, stable over different times and cultures. Traits vary with individuals, and it’s easy to mistake our unexamined beliefs for intrinsic traits of human nature, rather than the choices of…

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