About the Book

For Emotional Predators, life is a strategy game to dominate and control, and you are either a player to be defeated or a game piece to be used. Before you know what’s happening, they’ll ruin your life without empathy or remorse – and traditional approaches will make things worse.

Protecting Yourself from Emotional Predators provides valuable guidance
for safe relationships, 5 essential steps for protecting yourself
and over 30 specific defensive tactics for:

  • Distinguishing romance from intimacy
  • Restoring your self-esteem
  • Removing your emotional triggers
  • Using gratitude and humor
  • Playing their games better than they do – without becoming like them
  • Responding strategically
  • Regaining control in family court
  • Screening professionals to be sure they can help
  • Breaking an addiction to an Emotional Predator
  • Re-balancing power in your favor
  • Adjusting beliefs that keep you trapped

Protecting Yourself
from Emotional Predators

Find out if you’re a target
for emotional predators

Help to apply tactics
to your unique situation

Creative Resolutions
to seemingly impossible situations

Serious Help for Dealing with Seriously Difficult People

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Praise for Protecting Yourself from Emotional Predators

Many have written lately about the manipulative sorts who know how to manage impressions but heartlessly prey on your sensibilities to get the better of you. But Steven describes these emotional predators with uncommon clarity and accuracy, in an excellent writing style, and offers spot-on practical advice on how to best protect yourself to boot. A must read!

Dr. George Simon

Author of In Sheep’s Clothing and Character Disturbance: The Phenomenon of Our Age

I’ve read so many books identifying issues with NO solutions or strategies on what to do. You presented very practical and realistic strategies that are within grasp and will make a difference. I got answers, not more questions. You presented real life things to do.  Thank you for writing this book and getting this important information out into the world.

Kimberly M

Artist, escapee from an abusive relationship